AvantGo Windows Smartphone Beta 6.2.52

AvantGo on your Windows Smartphone

With AvantGo, you can get thousands of specially formatted brand-name web sites ("channels") on your PDA or smartphone: news, weather, sports, stock quotes, maps, movie listings, and more.

Plus, it's easy to sign up and download the software.

Even create your own personal channels to download family sites, local news, niche sites, church and club sites, workout schedules, etc… so you're always in touch, even on the go.

No wireless connection is necessary. Just sync 'n go from your desktop. If you do have a wireless or Wi-Fi hotspot service, use it around town for updates. Getting great websites couldn't be easier!



AvantGo Windows Smartphone Beta 6.2.52

User reviews about AvantGo

  • JoeyBeattie81296

    by JoeyBeattie81296

    "It is dead now."

    It has been discontinued for YEARS now! It's practically dead data at this point. If you want to make room on your se...   More.